With over 5 years of graphic design experience and nearly 10 years of experience as an audio / video tech, I was in a good position to start using my talent as a ministry. Doing server admininstration for 3 companies, since 1998, has served to instruct and train me so that, now, I can carefully manage the servers that you will be using. We currently have a very reliable Compaq stationed in Springfield, MO. I've had the pleasure of maintaining this server for a couple of years, now, and it has truely shown its stability, breaking 60 days of uptime on many occasions.

     MINISTRY MEDIA SERVICES is proud to currently be hosting 8 domains and has a userbase of 13 customers. Given the infancy of our company, this is a wonderful start. We have been blessed in the past and there is no sign of difference for the future. Much like the Biblical principle of the talent, as long as I can use what God has given, then a life of favour and blessing is granted.