I've finally finished my pictures section. Take into consideration that some of the pictures are old, but none are from before '97. Pictures of me with Bambi are all about 1 year old.
If you're not on there, chill. I either didn't have enough pictures of you or I just didn't want to post them.

Keep in mind that there are multiple pictures for each person. Follow the next/previous links to see them all.

Also, all the pictures on the pages are either 500px wide or 500px tall, depending on their orientation, so they fit well on a page, but they aren't so good for downloading. If you would like to download high-res versions of all pictures click here. These pictures are approximately 900px wide or 900px tall, depending on their orientation.

If you wish to see pictures of Jasmine Aurora Jackson, then click on the link above (large pictures) and choose the directory appropriate for what you wish to see. There are currently pictures of her when we were in the hospital (approx. 1 day old). I'm in the process of uploading pictures taken this past couple of weeks (approx. 1 month old) and I'll be uploading pictures from when she was about 1 week old in the next few days. These pictures are HUGE (approx. 1 1/2MB each and like 2250x1500px). It will take you a long time to download them if you're on a 56k modem or slower. I will be working on smaller versions (like the 1 day old pictures), but takes a while to resize as many pictures as I have and upload them (I upload at 28.8k, IE... 1/2 of a 56k modem). If you want to see pictures, this is currently your option.

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