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"across America, around the world and up to heaven!"

Welcome to KRIS JACKSON  from Branson, Missouri. This is OUR HOUR - the Body of Christ's time to take back our nation for Christ and to extend His Word into all the world. We have seen the moving of the Spirit with signs and wonders following in so many many places and therefore hope that this page will be a point of contact to bring revival, healing and fullness of life to those who visit.

Please hop through our link options for upcoming revival dates and locations, ministry products, information and inspiration. Be sure to mark the "Strategies for Success" page for weekly devotional thoughts guaranteed to excite and ignite your passion for the Lord.

Deb and I desire to get acquainted with you so feel free to leave your e-mail address, or join our updates mailing list. We will gladly send you a complimentary copy of the current month's "120 Club" cassette when you request it.

One word of encouragement - we are not looking FOR revival in America, we are looking AT revival. All you have to do is reach out and grasp what the Lord is doing. The wait is over...plunge in today!

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