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"across America, around the world and up to heaven!"

Introducing the Ministry of ...

Ever committed to excellence in ministry, Kris, Deb and Joshua Jackson have touched America with the Good News of Christ's saving, healing and delivering power. For the past twenty-four years they have served successfully in ministry as pastors, evangelists and church planters, conducting church revivals, inter-denominational crusades and camp meetings from coast to coast. They live near America's music show capital, Branson, MO, which is fast becoming a major hub for the Body of Christ.

End Time revival is their daily pursuit, with meetings characterized by searching repentance, cutting-edge Bible revelation, and an undeniable sense of "Holy of Holies" Glory. Hundreds have been saved, baptized in the Holy Spirit and healed in KJM meetings..

Having memorized numerous entire books of the Bible, along with stirring illustrations and a passionate delivery of the Word of God, Brother Jackson's ministry addresses real spiritual needs and offers practical daily help for all in attendance. He is a talented gospel musician and has a unique testimony of conversion from alcohol, anxiety and a troubled youth.

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