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I'm finally getting finished up on the new ae design and things are looking pretty slick. You'll notice that I've removed some of the items in my portfolio. I figured that these selected ones were better to show off than just the whole mass of them. Some of them were pretty lame. Don't worry, though, there are some lame versions of the ones that I do have listed available!!! Also note that the picture pages have an iframe for the images. I designed those pages for a maximized mozilla window, with tabs, running 1024x768, with my configuration. If you have your browser windowed, your resolution is lower, or any number of things that are different than mine, you may be pushed into scrollbar oblivion.

On a different note...
I was thinking that the previous ae design had only been in service for about 5 months, but I just realized that it's been a year and 5 months. I guess 1 1/2 years is plenty of time to go without a design change. I don't feel so stupid, now.


Do you know what I love about the internet? You can find anything; well, almost anything. I lost my entire picture archive (because my wife didn't want them on my website *cough*) when I accidentally deleted the archive directory. Well, there went pictures of old friends, jasmine, my wife, etc... Since I've been reworking the old ae, I figured I take a swing at the Wayback Machine and see if I could nab a couple particular pictures (most notably my original halloween picture). Well, I didn't find that particular picture, but I was able to retrieve 82 other pictures from the archive. For nostalgia's sake, I posted them for all to see. Some of them go back to the 90's (1997, I believe). I guess this is my version of a little black box. I don't keep old love letters and tapes of songs that I danced with whomever to (Clueless?), but I do love old pictures. I hope some of them will bring back some fond memories for you, too (maybe you're even in one).