The many faces of doubleJ

My visage has always been an important part of my website design. As such, this is as much a portfolio as a photo gallery.

Take The Mark

This design was never published. I wanted to use it (and really liked the splash page), but I wasn't ever happy with the rest of the site.


This was based on a Faith Life Church design that wasn't used. My direction was to create a design that was elegant. I liked the script font and bordering, but it wasn't meant to be.

Alive And Awake

I thought the inverse of pictures was really cool, so I turned the idea into a website. It used mouseovers to flip from inverse to normal versions of pictures.


I started playing around with a 3D program and liked the perspective-look of the extruded title.

Some Destiny Still Waits For Me

This was the second of the one-page designs.

I'm Not Conceited

This was the first of my one-page designs. All the content was in the page code and was activated by clicking/hovering things.

Ministry Media Services

This was my old web design company. I had business cards and everything. Not much happened, with it. This was, probably, 15 years ago.